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God of War Is The Best Launch For Sony On Steam Despite Heavily Pirated Version

God of War is an impressive port on PC and it doesn’t offer any DRM which has resulted in pirated copies of the game available online.

While the game doesn’t offer any DRM protection for the day one launch, it is still creating a new record for Sony in terms of concurrent users at launch. It has surpassed the record set by Horizon Zero Dawn which had a peak concurrent user count of 56K compared to the 65K for God of War.

It is also one of the most pirated games on torrent trackers including both public and private trackers. If we take a look at the google trends, the pirated copy which has been published online by the piracy group FLT ranks in the top-ranked searches on Google Trends for God of War.

god of war

It is hard to estimate how many pirated copies are being downloaded, but just taking a look at one of the most popular trackers, we can see that more than 20K people are attempting to download the game.

One of the things that might have led to its high player count on Steam is the regional pricing, where it is the cheapest in Turkey at $24.32 based on the SteamDB tracker. The game has launched at a standard price of $49.99 on Steam and comes packed with an assortment of features that are exclusive to the PC version.

In a comparison between the PC and PS5(PS4 BC) versions, we can see that the PC version offers a decent upgrade overall with support for DLSS and AMD FSR helping it run on low-spec hardware and scales up well to the top of the line GPUs.

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