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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Update 1.40 Brings Beatrix

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Version 1.40 patch introduces several new features, adjustments, and fixes to enhance the gaming experience. The update includes a new playable character, improvements to matchmaking, configuration updates, and various bug fixes.

A significant highlight of this update is the addition of Beatrix as a new playable character, expanding the roster and providing players with new gameplay opportunities. Beatrix is not only available as a character but also as a Premium Avatar, enhancing the visual and interactive elements for players who unlock her. Various new content pieces, such as a music track, weapon skins, badges, titles, card designs, stickers, weapon cutouts, and Figure Studio poses and expressions, have also been added. However, to access most of these features, Beatrix must first be unlocked as a playable character.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Update 1.40 Patch Notes

New DLC Character:

  • Beatrix has been added as a playable character.
  • Beatrix has been added as a Premium Avatar.
  • A music track, weapon skins, badges, titles, card design, sticker, weapon cutout, and Figure Studio poses and expressions for Beatrix have been added. Beatrix must be unlocked as a playable character to access these features (except stickers).
  • Beatrix has been added to the Rupie Shop under Special Content. Purchases made via the Special Content tab do not come with a bonus serial code.
  • (PS5/PS4 only) Beatrix Purchase Bonus added to the Serial Codes screen in the Options menu.

New Gameplay Guide Video:

  • A new gameplay guide video showcasing Beatrix’s unique skills is now available on YouTube.

Battles and Online Matches:

  • An input option for backstepping (←+dash button, when facing right) has been added to the Button Configuration (Battle) menu. This setting is set to off by default.
    • When turned on: Backsteps can be performed by pressing the dash button while holding back.
    • When turned off: Pressing the dash button will result in a forward dash regardless of directional input.
  • Adjusted Ranked Matches so that players are more likely to be matched with an opponent closer to their rank.
  • Adjusted Versus Ranks so that if a player is Master rank with any given character, other characters’ ranks will be affected starting from rank S+5. This aims to help mitigate players being matched against opponents of significantly different skill levels between ranks A and S.
  • Adjusted Lunalu so that when selecting her in Ranked and Casual Matches and in the Online Lobby, random select conditions will be set to Random Every Match and select from a pool of all selectable characters.
  • Adjusted Lunalu so that when Player 2 has selected Lunalu, their character will automatically be the default color unless Player 1 also selects Lunalu.
  • (Free Edition only) Players can no longer select Lunalu in online matches.
  • The following challenges have been added:
    • Deplete a foe’s Bravery Points by 1.
    • Fly using your paraglider in an online lobby.
    • Use a jukebox to play music in an online lobby.
    • Score a goal with the soccer ball in an online lobby.
    • Communicate online using an emote.
    • Communicate online using a sticker.
    • Jump using a trampoline in an online lobby.
    • Pummel the Big Bad Battle Vyrn in an online lobby.
    • Open a guestbook thread.
  • Some Battle Pass mission requirements have been adjusted as follows:
    • Before adjustment: Play 10 stage(s) in Grand Bruise!
    • After adjustment: Play 5 stage(s) in Grand Bruise!
    • Before adjustment: Pick up an item 15 time(s) in Grand Bruise!
    • After adjustment: Pick up an item 5 time(s) in Grand Bruise!
  • Added the option for players to show or hide total matches played when editing their profile card.
  • The game will now run a version check when accessing online features. If you are not playing the latest version of the game, you may no longer be able to access online features.
  • Adjusted the way that player names/online IDs above avatars are displayed in the online lobby to make them more visible when sitting at a battle station.

Training Mode:

  • Added the option to use Training mode while on standby for a Room Match. Not available if matchup setting is set to Shuffle Match.
  • Adjusted the frame display in Training mode to be totaled after landing for accuracy as total frames and frame advantage previously did not match.
  • Updated Training mode glossary entries.
  • Updated Training mode situational training entries.


  • Added the following character illustration to the Rupie Shop:
    • Beatrix (Original Ver.)
    • The above character illustration will not show up in the Rupie Shop unless the player has unlocked Beatrix.
  • Added the following card designs to the Rupie Shop:
    • GBVSR Photo Contest winning entry “I’ve been collecting wolves for this.”
    • GBVSR Photo Contest winning entry “GBVSR MAIN STORY.”
  • Added Knight’s Finery (Lancelot) costume to the Rupie Shop. Also available for purchase on each respective platform’s store page.


  • Adjusted and added new playback conditions for certain Partner voices.
  • Adjusted the Gift Crate to show items in order of date received.
  • Fixed text bugs.

Battle and Character Adjustments: This update introduces the option to perform a backstep (back dash) for a more precise and easier input compared to having to press back twice. Along with this new input method, we have also adjusted throw invincibility properties during a grounded backstep for some characters.


  • Backstep:
    • If a player inputs a backstep during a throw break, it will register as a late throw break (resulting in a soft knockdown) even if performed on time.
    • If the backstep shortcut is turned off in your button configuration, this will apply only when pressing back twice. If the backstep shortcut is turned on, it will apply when both pressing back twice or the backstep shortcut.
    • Added throw invincibility to some characters during grounded backsteps. This is to prevent grounded backsteps from not being able to escape throws, unlike backsteps with midair properties.
  • Combo Limit:
    • Adjusted the color of the Combo Limit message.
    • Opponent characters will now flash white when the Combo Limit message appears.
    • Once the Combo Limit message appears, no additional attacks can be chained into during that combo.
  • Character Voices:
    • Unique character voice lines will now play when players use certain skills while their opponent’s health is below 30% during a round that will determine the victor. Characters include Lowain, Grimnir, Belial, Avatar Belial, Lucilius, and 2B.

Character-Specific Adjustments:

  • Nier:
    • Misfortune: Misfortune has been adjusted so that it is no longer possible to chain it into follow-up attacks in specific situations.
    • Drowned in an Exquisite and Eternal Adieu (SSBA): Hurtbox has been extended vertically upward and downward to prevent Nier from whiffing after a successful parry.
  • Vane:
    • Breakthrough: Capped maximum damage output when countering to equal Vane’s max health. This adjustment aims to prevent situations where Vane could K.O. his opponent with a single blow.


  • Applied other minor bug fixes.

The latest update 1.40 for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising includes improvements to battles and online matches. A new option for backstepping has been added to the Button Configuration menu, allowing players to backstep by pressing the dash button while holding back. This feature enhances control during gameplay. By default, this setting is turned off, so pressing the dash button will result in a forward dash regardless of directional input.

Matchmaking has been adjusted to ensure that players are more likely to be matched with opponents of similar ranks. This applies to both Ranked Matches and Versus Ranks. If a player reaches Master rank with any character, the ranks of their other characters will be adjusted starting from rank S+5. This is intended to prevent significant skill disparities in matches between ranks A and S.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is out now for PC and consoles, while update 1.40 should be available on all platforms.

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