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Sony Is Pleased With PS5 Sales, Teases Next-Gen Controller Concept

Sony has stated that it is pleased with the current PS5 sales, and the console maker has also teased a concept for a next-gen controller.

During Sony Group’s 2024 corporate strategy meeting, Sony Group CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Hiroki Totoki were asked regarding the synergy of IP between games and other forms of media, and lack of “PlayStation type of success” thus far in the current generation.

Ps5 sales

In his response, Totoki stated that, based on PS5 sales and the industry as a whole, PlayStation’s market share is very high. He added that the company is quite satisfied with the expansion of said share via the current-gen console.

Furthermore, Sony Group revealed a concept for a next-gen controller as part of a video feature that portrayed the future the company is looking towards for its long-term vision. The controller appears to feature track pads of some sort in place of the analog stick, d-pad, and buttons present on existing controllers. At the center appears to be some kind of holographic component that is perhaps intended to enhance the experience via Augmented Reality. It’s worth remembering that this is merely a concept, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate into a future product. That said, Sony Interactive Entertainment is undoubtedly looking to enhance player immersion via future technological breakthroughs.

Ps5 sales

Totoki also revealed that Playstation Network data processing volumes have reached a level that places it among the top 10 consumer internet services worldwide. Sony Group is planning to develop an engagement platform by deploying core functions based on the network infrastructure of PlayStation Network, which has established a robust network service, including accounts, payments, data infrastructure, and security, alongside the growing Crunchyroll service. Moving forward, the company aims to proceed with commonizing IDs for services across its services, and to use this engagement platform to support the development of new network services in areas such as mobility and LBE. In the future, Sony aims for it to be widely adopted across the entertainment industry as a common platform specialized for fan engagement.

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