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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Gameplay Videos and Comparison Is Out

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy gameplay videos and a new comparison is available to view now as the game launches tomorrow.

Rockstar Games never shared a proper gameplay video for the Trilogy, so when the game was available to play earlier for those in Australia/New Zealand, a slew of gameplay videos started to appear online and players were able to stream the game online as well.

The gameplay videos have been shared for all three games in the Trilogy from GTA 3 to San Andreas. The first glimpse of the remaster appears to be met with positive reception since they look good. They are exactly the same as you might remember but with the polish and tweaks to make them accessible to a modern audience.

Gameplay from GTATrilogy

More gameplay videos started to appear online on platforms like YouTube after they were being livestreamed from a PS4. The footage here appears to be from the PS4 version which renders at 1080p resolution so take this into consideration as well.



After the videos were posted, a gameplay comparison was also made that appears to showcase what upgrade Vice City has received over the original game.

Based on this comparison, it appears that a lot of elements of the game are retained but the visuals have received the biggest facelift. On the plus side, you will get the same classic gameplay from these favorite GTA games, but on the other hand, some might complain because Tommy still can’t swim in this new version of GTA Vice City.

Here is another interesting comparison that is made from the GIFs shared by Rockstar Games.

This one covers the entire Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy and it is a good indicator of what to expect across the three games.

Let us know what do you think about this comparison. Do you want us to cover our own? Share your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to our channel if you want us to cover more content.

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