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Marvel’s Avengers Teases First Look At Spider-Man In New Key Art

Marvel’s Avengers will add a new Superhero in the form of Spider-Man later in November and a brand new key art shows the superhero in action.

Spider-Man was always confirmed to be a PlayStation console exclusive before the game was even out. It never saw the light of the day until recently, when it was revealed that Spider-Man will come to Marvel’s Avengers as part of a free update on November 30. The catch here is that this new superhero is exclusive to PlayStation consoles, so if you own a PC or Xbox, well, you are out of luck.

Check out the first key art showing this new fan-favorite superhero in action. Judging from the details around his inclusion, don’t expect a major story event like Hawkeye or Black Panther but rather small focused missions.

Here are the details around the missions that will unlock Marvel’s Spider-Man in the game.

The legendary web slinger Spider-Man will come exclusively to PlayStation players in the November 30th update along with the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event. Spider-Man’s high-flying acrobatics bring an entirely new way to experience the game either solo or with friends, and his unique movement and combat abilities are sure to be a great addition to any Strike Team taking on missions in the Avengers Initiative.

Players will experience Spider-Man’s story through unlockable challenges woven throughout the Avengers Initiative. Peter Parker learns of a deadly new threat and must partner with the Avengers to stop AIM from acquiring technology that could make their synthoid army unstoppable. Insistent on keeping his identity hidden, Parker forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow and must struggle with the new dynamics of working with a team. Will he join up full time with the Avengers, or stay independent in his fight against AIM?

You can expect to download the update beginning November 30. A new trailer will also release tomorrow to showcase the superhero in action.

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