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Marvel’s Avengers Is Finally Getting Spider-Man, Will Be Exclusive to PS4 and PS5

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed the release date for the next update for Marvel’s Avengers that will finally bring Spider-Man for PlayStation users.

Spider-Man was one of the big exclusives for Marvel’s Avengers that was supposed to arrive much earlier in 2021. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the development of the game, it has taken longer to arrive, but the free DLC is finally coming later in November with an update.

avengers update

Here is an overview of the November 30 update for Marvel’s Avengers. The 2.2 patch will add a new raid focused on Klaw and bring Spider-Man to the game on PlayStation consoles.

  • Shipments – The Shipments feature provides an entirely new path to earn coveted cosmetics, resources, and other items strictly through gameplay, a highly requested option from the Marvel’s Avengers community. Each Shipment costs 500 Units (the currency earned while playing the game) and pulls from a collection of nearly 250 possible items, with a small chance of rewarding a premium Outfit unavailable via any other means of acquisition. But luck isn’t required to get the Outfit; players will automatically receive it after claiming 100 Shipments.
  • Power-Level Increase – The maximum Power Level achievable will increase from 150 to 175. Acquiring the best gear requires players to complete the game’s toughest challenge: the new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound.
  • Gear Upgrading – Players will be able to recycle gear of a higher power level to upgrade their current gear to match the higher-power level of the consumed item, with few exceptions.

Here’s some information on the upcoming Spider-Man content that will be a part of the free 2.2 update.

The legendary web slinger Spider-Man will come exclusively to PlayStation players in the November 30th update along with the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event. Spider-Man’s high-flying acrobatics bring an entirely new way to experience the game either solo or with friends, and his unique movement and combat abilities are sure to be a great addition to any Strike Team taking on missions in the Avengers Initiative.

Players will experience Spider-Man’s story through unlockable challenges woven throughout the Avengers Initiative. Peter Parker learns of a deadly new threat and must partner with the Avengers to stop AIM from acquiring technology that could make their synthoid army unstoppable. Insistent on keeping his identity hidden, Parker forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow and must struggle with the new dynamics of working with a team. Will he join up full time with the Avengers, or stay independent in his fight against AIM?

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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