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Greedfall On PS5 Has Minor Frame Pacing Issues But It Is Otherwise Identical

Greedfall has made its debut on the PS5 and Xbox Series. The game supports a performance and quality mode. Here’s how it runs.

Greedfall received a current-generation update for both consoles. The update was a little controversial because the developers didn’t offer the incentive to upgrade the game for free from PS4 to PS5 for those who already had a PS Plus copy. This didn’t apply to the Xbox Game Pass version which also had the game in its lineup.

Setting the controversy aside, Greedfall has some performance issues on the PS5 which don’t appear to exhibit on the Xbox Series X. The game suffers from performance drops as a result even if they are quite minor. For more detailed stats, check out the breakdown of the frame rate shared by VGTech.

Greedfall appears to run at native 4K in its graphics mode on the Xbox Series X and PS5. This mode also offers improved draw distance compared to the performance mode. Xbox Series X and PS5 appear to sport sharper textures as well.

The frame rate is mostly stable on the current-generation consoles save for the Xbox Series S, which doesn’t appear to quite hit the 60 FPS mark. As a result, it mostly hovers around 50 to 60 FPS. The resolution of the Xbox Series S during performance mode is 900p.

In performance mode, both Xbox Series X and PS5 render at 1440p resolution. In graphics mode, they can render. at 4K but at the cost of 30 FPS.

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