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GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Debug Mode Found, Has 2 Player Multiplayer and More

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is being datamined and a debug mode has been discovered that could lead to easy mods for the PC version.

In a YouTube video, we can learn how this debug mode was unlocked in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. It allows you to gain control of the debug tools that are only available to the developers. It also opens the potential for modding the game, replacing textures, adding new features, and so on.

Here’s an explanation from the person who uncovered this method.

I was probably the second person in the world to test this (except the developers themselves), and the first to test it on PC. However, I removed a lot of things to make it easy to compile, for quick testing.

The day they manage to compile all the leaked source code, we will have a main.scm with all this and more, as well as a great ease in creating mods that edit the main.scm / script.img, and of course, lots of curiosities for chat (the source code has a lot removed from the final version of game missions, developer comments etc).

2 Player multiplayer was featured in GTA San Andreas on PlayStation 2 but it was somehow removed from the newly released GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. It could be due to bugs that weren’t properly QA’d in time for release, but regardless, there is still a way to toggle it and it might return on PC at least with the help of mods.

Greg Martin

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