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GTA San Andreas Textures Mod Aims to Fix The Visuals

GTA San Andreas has received a textures mod that is aimed at resolving some of the low-quality and inconsistent textures in the game.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is not the game we had hoped it would be, but modders are not stepping themselves from fixing it. A dedicated modder on PC is working on a mod for the PC version of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition that will resolve the issues with the textures of the game. Here is an example of his work.

According to the mod page, this is intended to fix all of the old textures in the game to the new ones.

Project: Texture Overhaul is a mod aiming to improve some of GTA SA world textures.

This mod will not aim to change every single texture in the game, but improve the ones that might get your attention while gaming.

New textures are going to be “cleaner” than the original ones, so if you prefer original more gritty look this mod isn’t for you.

Current version is WORK IN PROGRESS.

So there will probably be some issues.

90% of the textures are 4k, but that will probably change to reduce file size later on.

To install it, you need to first download the mod files from its page. Afterward, follow the instructions.

Copy all .pak files from the archive to GTASA\Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods folder. If have not made a ”~mods” folder create one.
Uninstall by deleting the Overhaul_ pak files from your mods folder.

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has also received an update recently that has fixed some of the issues like providing cloud cover to San Andreas and more.

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