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Here’s How To Change Xbox Series Dynamic Background To Halo Infinite

Microsoft has rolled out new dynamic backgrounds for the Xbox Series consoles including one for Halo Infinite and one for Wasteland 3.

The new dynamic backgrounds are a delight to see so if you are interested in changing them on your Xbox Series consoles, make sure to read the complete article.

halo infinite

How To Change Dynamic Backgrounds On Xbox Series and Get Halo Infinite Theme

  • You need to press the Xbox button to open the guide menu
  • Navigate to settings Profile & system > Settings
  • Open General > Personalization > My background
  • Pick Dynamic background and navigate to Halo Infinite or Wasteland 3

While we don’t have our video, check out the dynamic backgrounds in action through a video shared by The Verge’s Tom Warren.

As the game is launching on December 8, Microsoft is slowly opening the floodgate for marketing. They have released a launch trailer in addition to updating the official Xbox Live Store. This has revealed the file size of Halo Infinite among other changes. You can also learn more about the difference between the Xbox Series and Xbox One versions in a comparison video.

The campaign will officially launch on December 8 while the multiplayer is currently available as part of an early beta. It is playable on PC and Xbox consoles.

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