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Chrono Cross Remaster Allegedly Leaked Through Another Eden Collaboration

Another Eden is a mobile RPG from Masato Kato, who was the director of Chrono Cross. It is getting a collaboration event with Chrono Cross Remaster.

In an official video shared by the Another Eden YouTube channel, we can see that the new event is called Complex Dream and will feature the characters from Chrono Cross.

An interesting tidbit was caught by Twitter user DKHF which appears to confirm that the release or announcement of the remaster is imminent. Datamining the game files suggested that this event will start on December 9 and it was officially confirmed today. Another thing that was mentioned was an in-game text suggesting that this collaboration is related to the Chrono Cross remaster.

We have already covered the news of this collaboration happening earlier, but this time, it appears this is as official as it gets for a Chrono Cross remaster which appears to line up with a reveal at The Game Awards.

Three characters will be added to the game as part of this collaboration: Serge, Kid, and Harle. Other characters include Lynx, Glenn, and Starky.

Here are the details on this collaboration event from the official website.

It’s a tale of destinies dancing intertwined, a waltz to the dream of time’s ticking clock. Or a twisted mirage…

Destiny was about to quietly awaken once again.
At that time, a new world emerges in a newly spun dream.
Aldo and Feinne have disappeared, but there is another world

And at the same time, as if guided by something, several shadows crossed dimensions and stepped into this land. A man with a beast-like appearance, a daughter of the moon, a young bandit girl, and a young boy destined to fight.

The dreams of the planet, the dreams of time…
The two prayers interwine, and the gods scoff.
Love will be made to bleed,
Red and deep as the seas of hell…

This Another Eden x Chrono Cross collaboration is all set to happen on December 9th.

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