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More Hints Appear For A Potential Chrono Cross Remaster

Chrono Cross might be receiving a remaster soon. More hints have arisen, indicating that something is in the works for the game.

Chrono Trigger was created by some of Square Enix’s top talents who went on to develop their brand. Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), Toriyama (Dragon Ball), and Hori (Dragon Quest) have worked on it. Their combined expertise contributes to the creation of a timeless masterpiece.

Chrono Cross was a 3D sequel to the first game, although it had a completely different cast. It was only released on the PlayStation 1 and has yet to be properly published on any current platform. This brings us to the rumor that Square Enix is allegedly working on a remake of the game, which might be announced as soon as next month.

So, why is Square Enix remastering Chrono Cross rather than its predecessor, Chrono Trigger? This is a simple question to answer. Chrono Trigger is already available on Steam for PC and mobile devices. Chrono Cross, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen.

The rumor was first heard when an Irish music company hinted that a new PlayStation title will be revealed around December. It was supposedly a massive effort but wasn’t detailed due to strict NDAs. Another source later suggested that this is a remaster of Chrono Cross that might be revealed during The Game Awards. It will be a multiplatform release that could come to other platforms in addition to the PlayStation consoles.

The biggest indication of any such remaster being in development comes from the massive GeForce Now leak that appeared to be accurate so far. It revealed several upcoming projects, announced and unannounced both, and even had release dates for some of them although they could be placeholders.

Now the latest update comes from datamine of a mobile game, Another Eden. This is a special game because it was spearheaded by Masato Kato, who directed Chrono Cross and also worked on Chrono Trigger. Based on the datamine, there has been a suggestion that a collaboration event is being planned between Chrono Cross and Another Eden in the coming months. This lines up with the earlier rumors suggesting that a remaster for the game is in development and will be announced soon.

So is this all true, or fans are just being delusional and making things as time goes? We don’t know for sure. Although there have been many sources regarding the rumor including the GeForce Now leak, which was the biggest one. There is still some time left until we are given an official announcement provided this turns out to be the real deal.

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