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Halo Infinite Loses 120 FPS On Xbox Series S; Here’s a Low vs. High Graphics Comparison For PC

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available in early access beta on all platforms. The earlier network test supported 120 FPS on Series S but the final version drops it.

Halo Infinite supports 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X, and it used to support the same on Xbox Series S too, but the final network test might have dropped it.

In a new technical analysis of the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite, we learn that the game now runs at 30 FPS in the Quality mode on the Xbox Series S, and 60 FPS in the Performance mode. This is a big drop from the network test that supports 120 FPS in Performance mode, and 60 in Quality mode.

In the performance mode on Series X, you can get a resolution of 1440p that can drop to 1080p. In the quality mode, this gets bumped up to native 4k but it can also drop to 1800p. The difference here is in the frame rate. Performance mode runs at 120 FPS and quality mode runs at 60 FPS.

halo infinite

Xbox Series S owners get a little setback with the beta multiplayer build. Their options are stuck at 1080p only in both quality and performance mode. They have to face a 30 FPS quality mode at 1080p or a 60 FPS performance mode that runs a dynamic 1080p resolution.

The PC version appears to run well and has a variety of options to tweak based on your hardware. Here’s a video comparing the low and high-quality settings for Halo Infinite on PC.

Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is available now for the Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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