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Halo Infinite Technical Preview Comparison Confirms 60 FPS Mode On Xbox One X

Halo Infinite is getting a second technical preview that is ongoing. This one has made some improvements to the game including a 60 FPS mode.

Halo Infinite held its first-ever technical preview earlier in Summer. This showed the promise of what the game could look like when running on the Xbox One and Xbox One X, however, there was no 60 FPS mode for these platforms. The game did support up to 120 FPS on Xbox Series X, and 60 FPS on both Series S and X.

The comparison above shows that while the best experience is only possible on the Xbox Series consoles and PC, you can still enjoy Halo Infinite if you are stuck with the last-generation consoles, especially Xbox One X.

The new addition for Xbox One X is a performance mode that runs at 1440p at 60 FPS. This was not a part of the technical preview which was conducted earlier this year. The performance of the game itself has been improved with this new update. While in the performance mode of Xbox One X, you do get better visuals like anisotropic filtering, shadows, and draw distance.

So which platform is best for Halo Infinite. Based on this technical preview, Xbox Series X takes the lead easily. It should carry over to the final version as well. Xbox Series S can get a 120 FPS mode when the game launches, so it is not a bad version itself. As for Xbox One, we do hope there is a 60 FPS version in the cards for it.

If you want to take part in the technical preview, you should check your emails to see if you have received an invite for it. It won’t last for long so if you are still interested in checking it out, make to play it. If you own Xbox Game Pass, you can still play the game and the multiplayer once it launches later in December.

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