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Halo Infinite Players Line Up To Test How Many Can Be Killed With a Single Bullet

Halo Infinite multiplayer is currently undergoing a beta test with an official launch next week. This is not stopping fans from experimenting.

In multiplayer games, it is usually possible to kill multiple people with a single sniper bullet so Halo Infinite is not an exception. Lining up such shots is a very unique moment in an active multiplayer match and more of a case of luck than sheer skill. When they do happen, it is always nice to see them in action. There have been multiple kills this way quite a lot of times actually, especially when everyone is streaming online these days making it possible to capture their feat.

In this particular video, we can see that 20 players have lined up in a multiplayer match, and then a player takes a sniper rifle and shots straight in the head of the complete line leading to the whole group getting destroyed.

This was a test to show how many people can be killed with a single shot, and while we are not sure if this works for more than 20 people, it is an interesting video nonetheless that was shared by the reddit user raad_altaie.

You can kill over 20 players in one shot in Halo Infinite!! from xboxone

The video has gone viral because it is unique. One thing that is noticeable here is how the bullet takes its sweet time in going between the different players. It is like there is a bullet delay that is intentionally placed by 343 Industries. The developers, nonetheless, will look at this video and take it as an interesting case study to make changes to the game, if they deem one possible.

Halo Infinite campaign file size was recently revealed while there are possible spoilers out in the wild. You can also check out the launch trailer for the campaign which will arrive on December 8.

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