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GTA V Update 1.004.001 Released To Address Multiple Crashes, Here Are The Patch Notes

Rockstar Games has quickly released a small hotfix update for GTA V and GTA Online patching the game to version 1.004.001. This addresses the crashes.

It appears that the new ray tracing update might have led to the game facing some major issues especially related to new crashes. They were being reported by a majority of the players so Rockstar opted to release a quick hotfix that is just under 200 MB to resolve the issues. This hotfix is out now as GTA V Title Update 1.65.

This appears to only fix the issue with GTA V and GTA Online crashing during gameplay. However, if you want to know the list of substantial changes that were made in the last update, see them here.

GTA V Update 1.004.001 Patch Notes

[December 16, 2022] – Game Stability and Performance

  • Fixed multiple crashes that occurred in GTAV and GTA Online

Rockstar Games has released brand new content for GTA Online with the last patch bringing in new missions to attempt as well as new vehicles to unlock. There is plenty to get excited about though even if you play the single-player mode, as now the game has received a significant visual upgrade with ray-traced reflections. It previously only had ray-traced shadows which was a nice bonus to have on PS5 and XSX, but nothing too exciting.

The new reflections apply to almost any shiny or metallic surface that you can find in the game and they are worth a replay of the main story mode. You can take advantage of the new reflections on PS5 and XSX only for now as Rockstar Games never released the Enhanced and Expanded version for PC.

GTA V was first released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was followed by a launch on PS4 and Xbox One and finally, the PC version was released. Fans had to wait for a while to get their hands on GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series, and while these consoles were already backward compatible with PS4 and Xbox One release of the game, the new upgrade promised 60 FPS and improved visuals.

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