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Hajime Tabata Is Working On Two Big Games, Claimed To Be Evolution of Type-0 and FFXV

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata is working on two games in collaboration with a major company. They are an evolution of Type-0 and FFXV.

In an interview with Famitsu, Tabata revealed this information on his new projects now that his first project under JP Games is out. He has released The Pegasus Dream Tour, which is an official game for the Paralympic Games.

After finishing his work on the latest project, he has already revealed his plans including two major projects. One of them is declared to be an evolution of Final Fantasy Type-0 while the other is an evolution of Final Fantasy XV, as per Tabata.

The first project will be an evolution of Type-0, an action RPG directed by Hajime Tabata when he was working at Square Enix for the PSP, and then subsequently ported to the current-generation consoles. It will be an “experimental and sharp game”. It is being called a “High-speed RPG” that appears to feature a multiplayer mode. The RPG experience will be condensed so that it can be replayed again. It is a challenge to create such an experience that can be completed in a short time. The pre-production phase is over for this game.

The second project is something that has just launched. It is an open-world Nomadic RPG that incorporates wandering freely into the game. It is being called an AAA project by Tabata that is an evolution of Final Fantasy XV.

While the second project seems far off, the first one could be playable soon based on the track record of JP Games and the work efficiency of Tabata.

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