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Halo Infinite Barely Received Any New Content In 2024 With No New Projects Announced

Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries’ first-person shooter, Halo Infinite, has barely received any new developer made content in 2024.

Twitter/X user and content creator Mr_Rebs_, who is known for reporting on the Halo series, shared that the next Halo game won’t be released for a long time. He also pointed out that Halo Infinite has received a very minimal amount of developer made content this year. This includes 3 maps (2 of which were made in Forge) and 1 new game mode (Gruntpocalypse). The game has received no new equipment, weapons or vehicles.

Halo infinite content

According to the content creator, 343 Industries is developing new Halo games and moving towards the future. However, he said that they should be able to develop more content for Halo Infinite at the same time like other game studios continue to do for their games. As per him, this amount of content would make sense if the next Halo title had already been released, but that won’t see the light of day for years.

The dearth of new content for Halo Infinite certainly raises a question mark over the longevity of the title and the future of the series in general. Microsoft will likely expect the next entry to achieve certain milestones.

Previously, the same content creator had shared information on content that was originally planned to be a part of the Halo Infinite campaign, but didn’t make it into the final product. According to him, the UNSC Infinity was initially intended to be a central hub on Zeta Halo, where Master Chief would interact with soldiers and scientists in order to receiving quests. This idea eventually received significant changes. The content creator further revealed that the concept of Infinity hub was downgraded to simpler forward operating bases (FOBs) scattered around the ring, and they showed up as players cleared areas.

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