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Halo Infinite Cut Campaign Content Has Allegedly Been Revealed

Cut content from the campaign in Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries’ first-person shooter, Halo Infinite, has allegedly been revealed.

Content creator Rebs Gaming, who is known for reporting news on the Halo series, has shared information on content that was originally planned to be a part of the Halo Infinite campaign, but didn’t make it into the final product. According to him, the UNSC Infinity was initially intended to be a central hub on Zeta Halo, where Master Chief would interact with soldiers and scientists in order to receiving quests. This idea eventually received significant changes.

Halo infinite campaign

The content creator further revealed that the concept of Infinity hub was downgraded to simpler forward operating bases (FOBs) scattered around the ring, and they showed up as players cleared areas. He also mentioned that the studio had planned to include a stronghold system, where different factions had control of specific areas on the map, much like in Far Cry 5. They would have various support bases, and players would be required to strategically take them out in order to weaken the stronghold.

According to the YouTuber, factions would be led by their warlords, with strongholds having barracks, weapon bases, and vehicle bases, each posing different challenges. Defeating these bases would make the strongholds easier to conquer. The campaign originally drew inspiration from games like Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry 5, Mass Effect Andromeda, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but much of this content was cut.

Halo Infinite originally planned to include dungeon-like areas and mechanics where warlords could buff their units, and alarms could increase the difficulty during attacks on strongholds. The development team at 343 Industries also wanted to include different biomes to create a varied and vast open world, akin to Breath of the Wild, but were ultimately unable to implement this.

The content creator had previously claimed that development of the campaign for Halo Infinite was “ruined” by the former leadership at 343 Industries. Read about it here.

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