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Halo Infinite Campaign Length Has Been Revealed

Halo Infinite campaign length has been revealed thanks to the impressions from the early reviews. Here’s how long it will take you to beat the game.

The length of the campaign has been estimated to average around 10 to 20 hours based on the impressions from the reviews of the game so far.

WindowsCentral, for example, stated that it took them 20 to 30 hours to beat the main campaign. Meanwhile, Polygon was able to finish the campaign within 15 hours but they had a completion percentage of just 33.33%. This shows that while it is possible to rush through the story, there is plenty to offer in the game.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Halo Infinite Campaign

It can take you between 10 to 20 hours to beat the game but you are likely going to miss out on a lot of the side quests and additional content. This applies to the main story only, and while there is no ability to replay missions, for now, this can be added with an update to the game post-launch.

Once you are done with the game, you will have content to explore in the post-game and endgame according to Microsoft.

The postgame does give you the option to keep exploring the wider environment, but for missions like the first two, where you’re not on the ring yet, you can’t replay from the same save file,” the representative said. “You’d be able to get any remaining FOBs, targets, [and] audio logs, but the main story missions would not repeat.

So basically in the post-game, you can roam around to get any of the collectibles in Halo Infinite but the main campaign is still a decent length at around 10 to 20 hours.

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