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Halo Reach Audio Issues: How To Fix Halo Reach Audio

Halo Reach players are reporting issues with audio, game stuttering, and other problems. Here’s a trick to help you deal with the audio issue.

Halo Reach just launched on the Steam platform and many people around the world are loving the game. It has become a most-played game on the launch day. But many players have reported that they are experiencing some audio problems like crackling.

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Halo Reach is enjoyed by thousands of fans every day with its broad range of maps. Sadly, the audio problem is making it impossible for the players to play it for a long time. There is a lot of screeching when from the audio when playing the game online. 343 Industries have promised that they will provide a fix for this problem, but there is no ETA on when they will release a fix for this audio issue. They will surely provide the fix in the future but they haven’t told the time period for its availability.

343 Industries has provided an explanation for the players who are experiencing this audio issue while playing the game. According to them, the updated port of Halo: Reach on PC and Xbox One required changing the audio encoding for the game, which has resulted in the audio changing from the original release.

How To Fix Halo Reach Audio Issue

343 Industries has told that the fix for this audio issue will be out in the near future and the work on it is already started. They might not have one right now but we can help you try to solve this issue with a trick.

  • Go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Edit the file GameUserSettings with notepad.
  • Change the value of “AudioQualityLevel” from 0 to 1

The most pressing issue with the audio according to different reports on various platforms like reddit and Steam is that the audio seems to offer crackling noises and can lead to popping when playing the game.

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In addition to this audio issue many players are reporting that they are also experiencing horrible motion blur and stuttering while playing Halo Reach. These should be fixed in due time as well.

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