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Hellblade 2 to Launch Without Day One Patch; Developers Eye Post-Launch Updates

Ninja Theory’s upcoming action game, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, won’t need a day one patch based on information shared in a new interview.

Kinda Funny Games recently interviewed Dom Matthews, the Studio Head at Ninja Theory. He mentioned that Hellblade 2 is ready to go and won’t need a day-one patch, although they are open to updates after the launch. Every movement and combat animation in the game was captured from real performances. For reference, the first Hellblade took only two days of performance capture. This time, they spent 69 days to get everything just right.

Dom mentions that the team worked closely with experts in psychosis and professors to accurately portray Senua’s mental state.

hellblade 2 patch

Hellblade 2 was developed using Unreal Engine 5 in collaboration with Epic Games. About 80 people contributed to the making of the game. Additionally, the game supports Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio experience.

When asked about marketing, Dom mentioned that his main focus is on the game’s release next week. They didn’t stretch the game’s length unnecessarily; they aimed to make it just right for their story.

Greg from Kinda Funny asked about recent studio closures. Dom touched on the topic briefly but didn’t go into detail. He did, however, speak highly of Phil and Mat, who allowed Ninja Theory to create the game they envisioned.

The team felt a strong need to create a sequel that lived up to the first game. When asked about a potential sequel to Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Dom mentioned that it’s not up to them.

Recently, it was revealed that Hellblade 2 has a review embargo set for the launch day. Since it is a narrative-focused game, the embargo timings are strict to avoid spoilers from getting out before it is released.

Ninja Theory developed Hellblade 2 which is being published by Microsoft. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series S|X and can also be purchased for PC on Steam or the Windows Store.

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