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Here’s How Much Years You Can Add On Exisiting PS Plus Subscription

Yes, there is a limit on how long you may extend your PS Plus subscription, and we now know what that limit is due to a kind user.

For most people, extending the PS Plus subscription by one or two years would be more than enough, however, if you are a hardcore user who prefers to adds years of PS Plus to your account, you might be interested in knowing what is the limit here?

We now know this thanks to a reddit user who tried to extend their subscription until a limit was reached. The user shared a screenshot of the limit on reddit confirming that it is not possible to go past it.

ps plus subscription

Now the question is, why would someone do it? To be honest, we are not sure either. According to the user who shared this screenshot, they were trying to purchase the subscription until 2040 but it turns out that once it has been extended for 15 years, you can’t do it anymore. The user tried to use a voucher code but that didn’t work either.

Since we are in the fifth generation of a Sony console with the PS5 just launching, and we are not entirely sure what will happen in the future it doesn’t make any sense to extend the subscription for so long unless you want to waste money just for fun. Or perhaps, 2036 is the end date of the PS Plus as we know it.

For those who are out of the loop, PS Plus will let you play online multiplayer on your PlayStation consoles. There are incentives like bonus DLCs, free games every month, and discounts on products to keep the subscription attractive. It can cost $59.99 per year but if you find other sources, you can get it cheaper as well.

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