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PSN $100 Gift Card Comes With a Surprise Bonus Item

Sony is bundling the $100 PSN gift with a bonus item. If you are in the market for physical gift cards, you will be able to enjoy the included bonus.

While it is possible to purchase the PSN credit through online retailers like Amazon, you can also get the gift card physically. There is no tangible benefit for getting a physical card but looks like Sony is now bundling the $100 version with a headphone.

As shared by a user on reddit, the $100 credit offered by Sony comes with their own branded headphones. While these appear to be insanely cheap headphones, nonetheless, they do add some value to getting the gift card physically.

psn gift card

These gift cards are often sold in denominations of $10, $20, $50, and so on. They are credited to the PSN wallet, after which the balance in the wallet may be used to purchase digital products from the PlayStation Store. Using the funds in your wallet, you may purchase movies, games, or DLCs.

This technique is appropriate for individuals who do not want to reveal their payment information in case their account is stolen. It should also assist you in obtaining credit in a certain zone if you live outside of it, as payment methods do not function in all locations unless you have a PayPal account.

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