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Hi-Fi Rush Potentially Gearing Up for New Content, As Indicated by Leaked Achievements

Hi-Fi Rush, one of the best games released in 2023 and critically acclaimed, might be getting some new content based on a recent leak.

Steam Database seems to have captured 10 new achievements for Hi-Fi Rush. This suggests that Microsoft is planning to add new content to the game. Whether this will be free or part of a paid DLC remains to be seen.

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the best-reviewed games of 2023. It was developed by Tango Gameworks, known for games like The Evil Within. The game was directed by John Johanas, who worked on The Evil Within 2. Given that this was a completely new genre for Tango Gameworks, the positive reception was a pleasant surprise. Microsoft shadow-dropped the game after one of their showcases.

Hi-Fi Rush has performed well on Steam and is also available to play through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The game launched for Xbox Series and PC. It is also playable on Xbox One through Cloud streaming.

The game’s plot revolves around Chai, a character who dubs himself a “rock star of the future.” Voiced by Robbie Daymond in English and Hiro Shimono in Japanese, Chai undergoes a unique turn of events when his music player accidentally becomes lodged in his chest during a futuristic surgical procedure. This allows him to engage in rhythmic combat and perceive his surroundings in a unique, synesthetic way. Now considered a “malfunction” and pursued by the corporation responsible for his transformation, Chai teams up with newfound allies to take down the company’s high-ranking officials and thwart their plans.

Hi-Fi Rush is currently available on sale and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, proving that the game has a large fanbase. Microsoft hasn’t disclosed its sales figures, but they were satisfied with its performance.

Salal Awan

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