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Hogwarts Legacy World Map, Story Length & Gameplay Details Leaked

Brand new details regarding the forthcoming Hogwarts Legacy, including the world map, story length, and gameplay, have been leaked via an alleged early copy of the game as well as its official art book.

In addition to details regarding the gameplay, world map, and main story length leaked from the official art book, new information regarding the changes made to Hogwarts Legacy over the course of its development have also been revealed via an alleged early copy of the game. It appears that 90% of the game that was shown in the initial preview back in September, 2020 was either cut or redone. Development of Hogwarts Legacy began sometime in the year 2017. It was initially intended to feature the game of Quidditch, though the idea was scrapped a year later.

Hogwarts legacy world map gameplay length

Hogwarts Legacy Main & Side Quest Details

In Hogwarts Legacy, different houses will offer different types of progression for individual main quests, though they will ultimately translate into the same overall progress. Students belonging to a certain house will get to visit Azkaban for short period of time. Principal Black doesn’t have a major role to play in the main quest, though the part he does have should please fans.

The game is said to be rich in side quests, either functioning like a game tutorial or having independent dungeon exploration and boss battles. The game encourages players to take on a bunch of side quests before advancing in the main story. The game features almost 100 Merlin puzzles, which are solved in variety of ways using the magic skills that the player has learned.

Additionally, the PlayStation exclusive side quest featured in Hogwarts Legacy is said to be very interesting, and it is therefore recommended as the definitive version for now, as the content is locked to the platform for an entire year.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Length

The main quest as well as 3 mandatory side quests in Hogwarts Legacy takes around 35 hours to complete on the Normal difficulty setting. Completionists who spend time doing all the side quests will be spending upwards of 70 hours, however.

Hogwarts Legacy Options Menu

The menu screen in Hogwarts Legacy can be seen below. It features tabs for your character, your inventory, talents, quests, owl post, the map screen, field guide, and game settings.

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Hogwarts Legacy World Map

The world map featured in Hogwarts Legacy can be seen below. The art book states that the large map was cut by almost a quarter. While the map blocks featuring the Highland and Swamp region are still available, they are no longer playable areas.

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Hogwarts Legacy Character Attire/Clothing

Various types of in-game attire/clothing that will be to the playable character in Hogwarts Legacy can be seen below.

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Previously, a Hogwarts Legacy voice actor teased some ways in which players can meet their in-game demise, and they’re very gruesome!

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