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Crash Team Rumble Release Date May Have Leaked

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The release date for the Activision’s unannounced Crash Team Rumble may have been leaked ahead of an official announcement.

Online retailer in the UK, Hit, has a new store page listing for the unannounced Crash Team Rumble, with retail price of 63.99 GBP and a release date of April 4, 2023. It’s tough to say with certainly whether the release date is legitimate or merely a placeholder date. If it is indeed legitimate, an announced in this regard should happen sometime soon.

Crash team rumble release date

However, both the release date and the price seem a little unusual. The game was previously said to have been in a very early state by those who have been aware of the project’s existence. Based on this, a release within the next 3 months for Crash Team Rumble seems highly suspect. Additionally, it’s next to impossible for the game to be priced at 63.99 GBP, which converts to around 80 USD.

The standard retail price for a AAA game is in the range of 60 to 70 USD. Therefore, we’re inclined to believe that both the release date and the price are placeholder, with the only details in the listing that are likely to be legitimate are the game’s title and the box art. This may also be an early confirmation that the game will get a physical release in addition to being available on digital storefronts.

Previously, freelance contributor and YouTuber Liam Robertson revealed that a new multiplayer Crash Bandicoot game was in development. Robertson revealed that developer Toys for Bob had begun work on a new multiplayer Crash game after the release of Crash Bandicoot 4. However, the project had to be put on hold, as the studio was required to do support work for the in-development Call of Duty game. Robertson had heard that, since finishing its support work, Toys for Bob had resumed work on Wumpa League (codenamed Project Lava).

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