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New Crash Bandicoot Game Details Allegedly Leaked

New details regarding a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot game, titled Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League, have allegedly been leaked.

The information comes from freelance contributor and YouTuber Liam Robertson, who reveals that a new multiplayer Crash Bandicoot game, titled Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League, is in development.

Robertson reveals that developer Toys for Bob had begun work on a new multiplayer Crash game after the release of Crash Bandicoot 4. However, the project had to be put on hold, as the studio was required to do support work for the in-development Call of Duty game. Robertson has heard that, since finishing its support work, Toys for Bob has resumed work on Wumpa League (codenamed Project Lava).

According to Robertson, Wumpa League is designed a team based competitive online multiplayer game, where two teams of characters from the Crash universe compete to collect the most amount of Wumpa fruit possible. He showed an alleged key piece of art from the game, which gives an early look at the character roster. The whole Crash Bandicoot 4 roster appears to be playable, as well as some additions like Ripper Roo and a handful of original characters.

Robertson stated that the project used Crash 4’s engine, Unreal Engine 4, and also used the game’s assets. Characters control the same more or less, with a few additions to their repertoires. Every character is also equipped with a glider of their choosing, which allows them to traverse the large levels with ease. Players are required to explore the open levels, collect wumpa fruit, and then drop it off at their team’s base, adding to their total score. Players can attack others with certain moves, such as a spin attack, to knock the wumpa fruit that they carry away from them. It’s also possible to take out opponents completely by knocking them off the level platforms or by doing enough damage.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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