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Horizon Burning Shores Soundtrack Vocalist Continues To Face Harassment Since DLC Launch

The soundtrack vocalist for Horizon Forbidden West continues to face harassment over social media since the launch of the Burning Shores DLC.

Julie Elven, the soundtrack vocalist for Horizon Forbidden West, has been facing harassment on Twitter via DMs from some disgruntled fans, as her vocals are featured during a particular scene in the Burning Shores DLC that they view as propaganda.

Horizon burning shores dlc harassment

On a positive note, however, Elven said that positive sentiments and influx of love from a majority of the fan base far outweighs the negative comments. However, according to her, the continuous hateful DMs show how much still needs to change. She added that the aforementioned scene in the Burning Shores expansion made a lot of sense and that she continues to stand with Guerrilla Games and is proud to be a part of it.

She further clarified that the negative comments she spoke of aren’t criticism on the game’s story. Rather, they are absolutely hateful messages. Elven said that she wasn’t too affected by the hateful DMs and didn’t take them seriously or personally. However, she reiterated that the negativity serves as a reminder of how much still needs to change.

In related news, it was previously reported that Horizon Forbidden West was being review bombed upon the release of the Burning Shores expansion due to the portrayal of certain characters. Aloy’s latest journey takes her to an island in pursuit of a remaining member of the Far Zenith organization. The expansion introduces some new NPCs, some of whom end up establishing a deeper relation with the protagonist.

Some of the negative reviews seemed to have legitimate criticisms regarding the game elements found in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, while others had taken a disliking towards the direction in which Aloy’s personal story is taken. Those who have yet to play the expansion and would prefer to head in blind ought to avoid going through the user reviews, however, as several of them reveal certain plot points.

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