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Horizon Forbidden West Opens To Impressive Sales In Japan

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West had a great opening in Japan with more than 90K sales in its debut week on PS4 and PS5.

While the opening is lower than the original Horizon which debuted at 109K in Japan, it doesn’t take into account any of the digital sales that have seen a growth in both Japan and the rest of the world. If we count a hypothetical 30% for the digital sales, this should be higher than the first game.

What’s interesting is that the sales were evenly split between the PS4 and PS5 with the PS4 version debuting slightly higher at 48K compared to the 43K for PS5 according to Famitsu. This won’t be a surprising result since the PS5 is facing a stock shortage and the sales of PS5 are nowhere near the PS4.

In terms of comparison to other WRPGs, it debuted higher than The Witcher 3, which opened to 67K. It ended up with near 195K sales compared to the 210K for Horizon Zero Dawn. It will be interesting to see how the sequel fares in lifetime sales but it is bound to have solid legs based on the user reviews which are quite positive.

Sony hasn’t disclosed any sales figure for Horizon Forbidden West but the first game has been confirmed to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide. It was first released for the PS4 followed by a port to PC. It is also one of the best-selling new IPs for Sony and one of the best-selling games for Guerrilla Games.

Salal Awan

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