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Horizon Series Future Plans Revealed, Multiplayer Game In The Works

Developer Guerrilla Games has revealed future plans for its Horizon series, including a multiplayer game that is currently in the works.

Speaking during a Develop: Brighton talk (via), Guerrilla Games studio director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed that the Horizon series is set to continue for a very long time, and the studio is also going to be working on a multiplayer game.

Horizon series multiplayer

Jan-Bart van Beek revealed that Guerrilla Games currently has around 16 plans “clicking on” for the series, which includes future installments at some point in the future. The rest may perhaps be spin-offs or content being produced for the big screen as well as television. He also mentioned that the studio is going to be working on a multiplayer co-op game.

He termed the project as a massive shift for the development team that is almost on the same level as working on the first entry, Horizon Zero Dawn. Furthermore, he said that building the IP to a multiplayer experience presents a whole new challenge for the studio. That said, he added that him and the rest of the development team are excited about the multiplayer title.

Previously, concept art and early prototype footage from the Horizon multiplayer game were leaked online. A leaker had shared concept art as well as prototype footage from what appeared to be Guerrilla Games’ Horizon multiplayer title, and had also claimed that the game had been in development since Summer, 2020. According to them, the footage was from a very early alpha build of the project.

The screenshots revealed a very different aesthetic compared to that of the mainline Horizon games. This may change, however, given the early state of the project.

Earlier, Guerrilla Games indirectly confirmed that they are working on a multiplayer project set in the Horizon universe with a dynamic open world offering a compelling narrative. The confirmation came through the developer’s official website, with a variety of positions open including for a narrative designer on an online project.

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