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How To Claim The Adorable NIKKE Boat Skin In Dave The Diver

Here’s how you can claim the adorable NIKKE boat skin in action adventure and management game Dave the Diver.

The third-person sci-fi shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is collaborating with Dave the Diver for a special event that launched yesterday on July 4, 2024. It introduces a new underwater minigame that allows NIKKE’s characters to be a part of Dave the Diver’s gameplay. Players can also claim an adorable NIKKE themed boat skin for use in Dave the Diver.

Dave the diver nikke boat skin

How To Unlock The NIKKE Boat Skin In Dave The Diver

Follow the simple and easy steps outlined below in order to gain access to the NIKKE boat skin in Dave the Diver.

  1. Open the in-game smartphone
  2. Pick Call
  3. Pick Operator
  4. Pick Claim Reward
  5. Enter the promotion code AEGISTHEDIVER

If everything worked correctly, you should have access to the NIKKE boat skin, and you can now proudly wear Mast, Anchor and Helm on your boat when diving into the Blue Hole.

For the uninitiated, Dave the Diver is a 2023 action adventure and management game that involves players exploring deep-sea environments to gather ingredients for a sushi restaurant. It was released for macOS and Windows in June 2023 following an early access release in October 2022, and became available on Nintendo Switch in October 2023 and on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 in April 2024.

The gameplay is divided into diving into the sea during the day and running a sushi restaurant in the evening. Players assume control of Dave and dive into the Blue Hole twice per in-game day, with an additional evening dive option unlocked later. During these dives, players search for fish, sea life, and various materials. Dave is equipped with a harpoon gun and can use various guns, melee weapons, harpoon attachments, and items found during dives. He has a limited oxygen supply that decreases if attacked by aggressive sea life or other obstacles. If he runs out of oxygen before returning to the surface, the dive ends prematurely, and only one resource can be taken back.

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