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Humble Choice Bundle December 2023 Lineup Includes Elex II

The lineup of games planned for Humble Choice Bundle for the month of December, 2023 has begun to be revealed, and one of the prominent games featured on the list is Elex II.

While the full list of games that will be available as part of the Humble Choice Bundle in December, 2023 have not yet been revealed, it is now known that the offer includes Elex II, Expeditions: Rome, The Gunk, Nobody Saves The World, and more. Humble Choice is a monthly subscription service that costs $12 per month. There are usually major blockbuster games offered in the bundle, and, occasionally, the service also offers recent releases.

Humble choice december 2023

Humble Choice Bundle December 2023 Update

For the month of December, 2023, the following games are confirmed to be a part of the Humble Choice bundle:

  • Elex II
  • Expeditions: Rome
  • The Gunk
  • Nobody Saves The World
  • Midnight Fight Express

The aforementioned games will be available to subscribers throughout the month of December.

ELEX 2, developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic on March 1, 2022, is an action role-playing video game and the sequel to ELEX. The game features Jax as the protagonist in a post-apocalyptic, science fantasy world. Players aim to unite the world against invading aliens.

The game is played from the third-person perspective. Players can align with six different factions, each representing a unique philosophy. The substance elex, originating from outer space, grants magical powers to individuals, with factions having preferences for either magic or technology. Combat relies on a stamina system, where actions such as attacking or defending deplete Jax’s stamina. The jetpack allows players to explore the open world, and leveling up enables Jax to enhance attributes in order to use better equipment. The primary antagonists are techno-organic aliens, and the game’s narrative focuses on Jax uniting the various factions against this common threat.

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