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Immortals Fenyx Rising Runs At Locked 4K On PS5, Dynamic 4K On Xbox Series X

According to an analysis, Immortals Fenyx Rising appears to run slightly better on the PS5. Both new generation consoles offer similar performance.

PS5 so far has managed to hold up respectably against the Xbox Series X even though on paper, the console has a lower raw performance. This hasn’t been seen in the various multiplatform games that have been released so far.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising is another game from Ubisoft that appears to offer a slight advantage on the PS5. This is according to a technical analysis performed by our friends at VGTech.

Immortals Fenyx Rising offers two different modes on the new generation consoles. One is the quality mode that renders at 4K (supposedly dynamic 4K) and runs at 30 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series. The other is a performance mode that renders at dynamic 4K resolution and sticks at a higher lower bound on the PS5 but drops as low as 1080p on the Xbox Series X. In the case of Xbox Series S, the game renders at a dynamic 1080p resolution in performance mode with drops as low as 720p.

Overall, while the game manages to hold up well on both platforms, there is a very minimal advantage to the PS5 version with a higher average 4K resolution in performance mode and a locked 4K resolution in quality mode. We are saying locked here because there is a good chance that PS5 also renders it a dynamic 4K resolution, but VGTech didn’t find any instance of the resolution dropping on the PS5.

immortals fenyx rising xbox series x vs ps5

According to VGTech, PS5 in performance mode currently has a bug that causes stuttering unrelated to the game’s frame rate. If we had to guess, maybe the resolution being locked to 4K on PS5 was a mistake and it was supposed to run at dynamic 4K. In any case, the game appears to run well on the new generation consoles.

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