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Cyberpunk 2077 File Size on Xbox Series X Without Day One Patch Is Just Under 60 GB

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting into the hands of users thanks to best buy breaking the street date and now we have more details on the game ahead of its launch.

As we have reported earlier, Cyberpunk 2077 copies are getting out in the hands of some lucky individuals, especially since the collector’s edition has been reported to have been shipped to many users in the USA. This was a mistake from Best Buy and it doesn’t appear to stop here. Some are even reporting that they were able to pick a physical copy from the store so maybe Best Buy just decided to send the games instead of honoring the release date.

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In any case, we do have a wealth of new information on the game now ahead of its launch. There is no day one patch available as of yet, contrary to what was being said by a reddit user who got an early copy for PS5. Another user who has managed to get a copy for the Xbox Series X has confirmed that there is indeed no update for the new generation consoles.

cyberpunk 2077 xbox series x

“Can confirm that the day 1 patch is unavailable to install as of today! The game is sitting on my hard drive at 53.3GB after installing both discs. When trying to the launch the game I get a message that says the update is unavailable to install, ” said the user.

To further add to this, one of the developers at CD Projekt Red has said the same and clarified that the day one patch will go live at launch. The game is releasing on December 10 so there is plenty of time for the patch to be developed and released on the consoles.

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