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Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Devs Confirm In-Game Locations, Hint At New & Familiar Characters

MachineGames has revealed the in-game locations that are featured in its upcoming action adventure title, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

In the latest Xbox Games Showcase deep dive for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Jerk Gustafsson, the game director, and John Jennings, the production director at MachineGames, revealed the in-game locations featured in the upcoming game. The developers also hinted at some new and familiar characters from the series.

Indiana jones and the great circle locations

Gustafsson and Jennings revealed that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will feature multiple global locations, including the Himalayas, Marshall College, the Vatican, Egypt’s pyramids, and Thailand’s jungles. This globetrotting aspect is known as a staple of the series and allows for more varied gameplay mechanics.

The developers revealed that the storyline in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle involves the series protagonist tracking down an ancient relic stolen from the college where he works, leading him into an ancient conspiracy tied to the Great Circle, a mysterious alignment of ancient sites and artifacts. Todd Howard, who had long considered a story around the Great Circle, was the one who came up with the idea for this plot.

They also talked about the game’s characters. While most of the ones featured in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle are new, there will be familiar faces, such as Marcus Brody. The game will also feature other classic character cameos. As for the main antagonists, Emmerich Voss was described as a sharp and manipulative character, while Victor Gantz is a devoted Wehrmacht colonel.

Regarding the gameplay, the developers mentioned that the upcoming title is designed to feel authentic to the Indiana Jones experience, with focus on his human qualities and adventurous spirit. The gameplay loop will incorporate the character’s athleticism, combat skills, and good luck, and offer a balance between both action and exploration.

Gustafsson and Jennings shared that the development process included extensive research, re-watching the films, and close collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. The team’s aim was to stay true to Indiana Jones’ character and ensure an authentic experience. According to them, access to Lucasfilm’s resources and archives, along with working with people familiar with the franchise, has proven invaluable.

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