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Jedi: Fallen Order: How To Change Lightsaber Color and Switch Location

Want to get your lightsaber to gain access to all the terrific colors in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? 

Well, there is a real quick route to know how you can change the colors of your lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is going to take no time unless you have unlocked all of them. There are 8 colors of the lightsaber but in the beginning, you would only be able to change the color into two of them which can be either Green or Blue. So, first of all, you have to get hold of a workbench but Hey, where would you find it? 

Freaking out to find the actual way to the workbench? Duh, this is not going to be a maze run. There is already one on the ship. However, at first, you have to reach out to the story point in Bogano where the player would change it automatically. And afterward, it all depends on your progress. 

The most intriguing part of the game is that you can modify the lightsaber not only with different colors but also update the lightsaber by adding parts to it. But the real bid is to find their switching location!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: All Lightsaber Switch Location

So what’s the wait for? Let’s haunt down the switch locations: 

Valor and Wisdom location:
In Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, first, you need to unlock Cal’s running ability to get the Valor and Wisdom switch location. After you learn the technique, get your player to leave the cave and start wall running outside the great divide to find the chest. 

Eno Cordova Location:
To gain the access to the Eno Cordova location in the Star Wars Jedi, you have to progress in the main story until you can find the overcharge ability. So at first, you need to obtain that ability and then Head towards the Hermit’s Hut. Here at the bottom of the hole, you can find the chest that will contain the switch.

The Duty and Resolve Location:
The Duty and Resolve switch location can be easily traced down in the weather monument area of Zeffo. It is on the roof of the Abandoned valley, close to two stormtroopers. You can find the Lightsaber switch there. 

Magus Switch Location:
You will find this switch located on Dathomir. You will only be able to find the chest after you defeat the Night brothers through the ruins.

Passion And Strength:
Cal will get many incredible parts of his lightsaber on this planet. The Lightsaber switch will be dwelling on the land of Imperial Refinery. The switch will be present inside the chest placed on the cliff. The player would need the BD-1 splice ability to unlock the chest and get the switch.

Control And Power:
The control and power switch can be found inside the chest located in Dathomir. You can get your hands on the chest by reaching out to the swamp of Sacrifice.

Peace And Justice 2 :
This switch would be residing on Kashyyyk Basin. To reach it, Cal needs to drop down the water precipitously. He would stumble upon 2 chests. The switch will be in one of them.

Elemental Nature Switch:
In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Orders, the Elemental Nature switch can be found out on the Crash site. There would be a chest placed inside the cave. You can look go there to find the Lightsaber switch.

Valor and Wisdom Switch:
We can locate these two switches under the deep water in Bogano. They are spotted inside the chests. The player has to go underwater near the spire to get a hold of these chests.

Duty And Resolve 2 Switch:
In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Duty and Resolve 2 is another switch that is located on Zeffo. The player must acquire the Scomp link which can be obtained by BD-1. With the help of this Scomp link, the player would be able to unlock the doors once the level is completed.

Power And Control Switch:
This switch exists on the planet Ilum where the player has to dive down the water while examining the areas of the cave. They would then locate the chest underwater and discover the switch in it.

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