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Alleged Jet Set Radio Game Footage Leaks Online

Sega is reportedly working on reviving their classic IPs, including Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, and a small snippet of leaked footage has now surfaced online.

The leaked gameplay footage was first discovered thanks in part to Persona 3 Remake footage also included in the leak. This video seems to showcase some of the games that Sega had in development and intended to present at an internal meeting. The games featured in this footage include Jet Set Radio, Sonic Frontiers, Persona 3 Remake, and Hyenas.

While it is entirely possible that this is fan-made footage, the video has been tagged in Japanese as “footage in development,” and the Sonic Frontiers gameplay includes some new animations and enemy designs that were cut from the final game.

However, it is wise to remain skeptical of this leak until there is an official announcement from Sega. Regarding the Persona 3 Remake, it has been rumored for some time now. It is expected to follow the Persona 3 Remaster released earlier this year, showcasing the visual capabilities of a proper Persona game while retaining the dark aesthetics of the original release.

Previously, a Bloomberg report suggested that Sega has been working on Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, with the former being in development for over a year as of 2022. The game was believed to be in the early stages of development with the possibility of cancellation. Since this alleged leaked footage is from 2021, it is not possible to determine whether the game is still in development or if Sega has canceled it.

Regardless, Jet Set Radio fans hope that this might be an opportunity to experience a new game in the franchise, following the success of games like Hi-Fi Rush, which offered similar rhythm-based gameplay.

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