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Judgment Announced For PS5, XSX, and Stadia

Sega has announced Judgment for PS5, Xbox Series, and Google Stadia. This version of the game will runs at 60 FPS compared to the PS4.

In a press release that was sent by Sega, they have revealed this new version confirming it for the next-generation consoles in addition to the Google Stadia. The game is apparently a timed exclusive for Google Stadia so it won’t be out for PC until this exclusivity expires.

To celebrate this announcement, Sega has also released a trailer for the game that showcases the new additions to this port.

Judgment will launch on April 23 and will be sold for $39.99. Here is a description of the game given by Sega in the press release.

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio are returning to the streets of Kamurocho, Tokyo, to present Judgment’s tale of murder and mystery in remastered form on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Stadia on April 23 for $39.99. Judgment takes advantage of the new hardware with refined visuals in 60 frames per second along with improved load times and includes all previously released DLC on these three platforms.

Praised as “the best crime drama not on TV” by the Hollywood Reporter, Judgment was originally released on PlayStation 4 in 2019. The remastered Judgment marks the gritty tale’s debut on Xbox and Stadia.

This is the first time Judgment is releasing on Xbox One and Google Stadia. It was previously an exclusive for the PS4. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our review of it from here.

This version of Judgment has also made a change by swapping the main hero with a different face model that was present in the original Japanese release. The difference here is quite jarring especially if you have already played the original game on PS4.

While the game was a success, there is no sequel announced so far. The developers did show an interest in working on a sequel for the game.

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