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Judgment Potentially Teased For Xbox Game Pass

The official Xbox Game Pass social media account is starting to tease Judgment for the subscription service suggesting it could be coming soon.

Judgment was not available for Xbox Game Pass at launch since it was a PS4 exclusive at that time. Sega later remastered the first game ahead of the announcement of a sequel called Lost Judgment. It appears that just like Yakuza Like a Dragon, Judgment might be due for a release on the Game Pass subscription service.

This tease started with a tweet by the social media account that listed 280 characters in an image. Among them was Takayuki Yagami, who is the main protagonist of Judgment.


The account followed it up with another tweet that was for “correction” and somehow this one had a minor update that crossed out the name of Takayuki Yagami with a green marker and a message that suggested that it could be a mistake.

Sega has been a staunch supporter of Xbox Game Pass so it won’t be surprising to see Judgment popping up on the service. Almost every Yakuza game has launched on the service including the recently released Yakuza Like a Dragon.

There is always the possibility that this teasing means nothing, but based on the earlier trends, we have to suggest that it does hint at the game coming to Game Pass.

Judgment was developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. It is a spin-off that is set in the same world as the Yakuza series but with a different protagonist and gameplay twist. Instead of roaming the streets as a Yakuza, the player takes control of an ex-detective who has to solve a murder mystery.

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