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Jump Force Adds All-Might As New DLC Character Further Confirming Season Pass Leak

Jump Force is adding All-Might as a new DLC character confirming one of the earlier DLC leaks for the game which basically listed the whole season pass roster for it.

After the game was out, there was a leak making the rounds online which was obtained by datamining the game files. Almost the whole Jump Force season pass DLC characters were leaked through this leak.

All-Might is the second DLC character for the game after Seto Kaiba. Both of these were a part of the big season pass leak. All-Might will join the fighter roster of the game later in May 2019.

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Bandai Namco confirmed the release date for All-Might on their official Twitter account and have also shared some screenshots for him.

Jump Force was released early this February but the critical reception for the game was less than stellar. Most of the reviews criticized it for a lack of gameplay, shoddy story mode, and low-quality control that had an effect on the overall quality of the game.

While there has been no official teases or confirmation of what the season pass is bringing later this year, the leaked list included characters from Bleach, My Hero Academia, Naruto and One Piece. The game is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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