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Jurassic World Evolution Gets Capture Camera Mode and New Dinosaurs With Update 1.7

Jurassic World Evolution is getting a new Capture Camera Mode and DLC with update 1.7, which was released today for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Frontier Developments has released the Capture Camera mode for Jurassic World Evolution after the demand of fans. They had teased it earlier this week. They noticed that players were taking a lot of photos of the dinosaurs so they wanted to give more options to the players with the Capture Camera mode.

Capture Camera mode will be available for free to everyone with the update that was released today. This update is available to download as Jurassic World Evolution patch 1.20 on PS4. It can be accessed from the pause menu and comes with the following feature list.

  • Hide the UI for a clean look
  • Choose between various aspect ratios to match the different films
  • Time controls to slow down time and capture amazing scenes
  • Find the perfect angle with the free-form camera

In addition to the Capture Camera mode, Frontier Developments is offering three new types of Dinosaurs as paid DLC. They are Proceratosaurus, Herrerasaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus. They have added new dig sites for these dinosaurs.

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There were actually two updates released today. Here are the patch notes for Jurassic World Evolution update 1.20 patch 1.7.1 which is out now.

  • Fixed issue with audio around capture mode
  • Proceratosaurus model physics fix
  • Frontend UI fixes
  • Various localization fixes

The new dinosaurs are a part of the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack which can be bought from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Store, or Steam for $4.99.

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