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League Of Legends Fighter Project L Development Is Still Work In Progress, No Update At Evo Japan

The development status of the League of Legend based fighting game, currently known as Project L, is still very much a Work In Progress.

The Senior Director and Executive Producer for Riot Games’ League of Legends based Project L, Tom Cannon, has revealed on Discord that the fighting game is still very much in a Work In Progress state. He also added that fans shouldn’t expect an update around Evo Japan 2023, though he assured that the development team will have more news to share sometime later this year.

project l development

Cannon shared his thoughts on the current status of the project. Without saying current size of the development team, he mentioned that he is extremely happy with the talent involved, and that the studio is still on the lookout for more talented people to work on the project.

According to Cannon, the development team made a conscious decision to reveal the game and share updates on it much earlier than any other in-development fighting game in order to gain valuable feedback from each update. That said, fans should not expect another update anytime soon, as the project is currently very much in a Work In Progress state. Cannon added that the development team is working hard to get the game in the hands of fans.

Previously, the roster for Project L appeared to have been leaked via an official survey. The official survey from Riot Games appeared to list the full roster of characters that will be available to Project L players at launch. It asked respondents to quantify their familiarity with and affinity towards a number of League of Legends champions.

Project L is an upcoming fighting game set within the world of Runeterra developed by Riot Games Inc. Based on the footage revealed thus far, the game features 4 bars in the same place as Rising Thunder’s 3 Special move cooldowns plus Super move cooldown. Therefore, it is expected to have the same inputs for its special moves, which would also reflect League of Legends’ champion abilities, generally comprised of 3 basic abilities and an ultimate ability. There’s also the possibility that the game will also feature certain passive abilities.

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