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Lies Of P May Be Headed To Xbox Game Pass Day One

Round 8 Studio and Neowiz Games’ Lies of P may have a day one release on Xbox Game Pass, based on a new rumor.

Twitter insider The Snitch is back with another cryptic tweet, and this time they shared a video with a green background and what appears to be a hidden message in Morse code. The green background likely implies the information is related to Xbox.

The Snitch’s followers on Twitter were quick to realize that the cryptic video contained a hidden message. Translating the Morse code reveals the message, “The wise say, you will find your way”. The line is apparently a dialogue from Lies of P, implying that the game will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

The Snitch has a great track record, as their information has proven to be accurate time and again. It’s likely that an official confirmation will be made by Xbox and Neowiz Games in the days leading up the game’s release.

Lies of P is an action game with souls-like elements that is based on the well-known Pinocchio tale and is set in a bleak, brutal Belle Époque setting. All humanity is now lost in a once-beautiful city that has now transformed into a living hell full of unimaginable evils. The game features a unique “lie” system that dynamically affects gameplay based on what you do and say as the protagonist.

Previously, it was also revealed that the PlayStation console exclusive Death Stranding will be headed to Xbox Game Pass on PC. The news first broke after the Xbox Game Pass PC Twitter account changed its profile picture to one depicting a screenshot of a landscape, which was later discovered by a Twitter user to be from Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding.

Fans may be wondering how a PlayStation exclusive may end up on Xbox Game Pass. This, of course, isn’t the first time this has happened, as the recent MLB title has also been available on the service. In this case, however, 505 Games has the publishing rights to Death Stranding, and Microsoft essentially struck a deal with the publisher to bring the game over to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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