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Little Devil Inside Release Window Reportedly Set For Winter 2022

Little Devil Inside is an incredibly charming indie game that promises a lot of fun, but it is going to be out quite a bit later according to an update.

Little Devil Inside was first seen during the PlayStation Game Showcase and it has been missing in action. While the game originated on Kickstarter, it soon attracted the attention of publishers like Sony who made it an exclusive to their platforms in addition to PC. The developers were able to expand the score of their project with this additional funding and the results look promising.

The game as missing in action for such a long time that we had to make an article on what happened to it, and turns out there are a lot of curious people who are interested in the game but had no idea if it will see the light of the day.

The official PlayStation Instagram account has uploaded a short promotional video that also provides a release window for Little Devil Inside. While it was confirmed for 2022, we had no idea when it would launch in the next year, but with this promotional video, it is clear that the game will arrive in Winter 2022. That is if this is not a mistake from Sony’s marketing department.

The game is confirmed for the PC, PS4, and PS5 and it is being developed by Neostream Interactive.

Salal Awan

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