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Marvel Rivals PlayTest NDA Allegedly Restricts Content Creators From Sharing Negative Criticism

The playtest NDA for NetEase Games’ upcoming upcoming hero shooter, Marvel Rivals, has a restriction in place that prevents content creators from sharing negative criticism on the game.

Twitter/X user A_Seagull has shared an excerpt from the NDA for Marvel Rivals, which states that content creators must agree not to make any public statements or engage in discussions regarding the playtest that are detrimental to the reputation of the game.

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The above restriction includes, but is not limited to, making disparaging or satirical comments about any game-related material, such as game features, characters, or music. It also includes engaging In malicious comparisons with competitors or belittling the gameplay or differences of Marvel Rivals, or providing “subjective negative reviews” of the game.

Feedback and sever load metrics are generally the reasons behind playtests, and it’s rather confusing as to what constitutes as a “subjective negative review” in this case. Constructive criticism only benefits the game, allowing developers to further tweak and balance some of the design elements prior to launch. In the case of Marvel Rivals, this appears to not be allowed by NetEase Games. The Twitter/X user mentioned that many streamers have signed up for the playtest without reading the terms and conditions just for the chance to play the game early.

Previously, Twitter/X user Miller Ross, who is known for his prior leaks in relation to The Avengers and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, had shared some details regarding Marvel Rivals, including its character roster and gameplay features. Featured on the character roster are Bruce Banner, The Punisher, Storm, Loki, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Rocket Racoon, Black Panther, Groot, Magik, Luna Snow, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Peni Parker, Star-Lord, and Namor. Thor and Moon Knight are among the heroes NetEase plans to add in the future.

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