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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Here Are All The Crazy Things Possible In Debug Dev Mode

Insomniac Games’ recent update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 inadvertently allowed access to a debug dev mode, and fans have a rare opportunity to try out all the crazy things possible using it.

According to the developer, this unofficial debug dev mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will soon be patched out via hotfix, so fans should try it out while they still can or make sure not to install future updates for now. The development game menu offers several options, including settings to tweak asset streaming, enemies. game systems, player health, and more.

Marvel's spider-man 2 debug dev mode

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Debug Dev Mode Details

Details on what the development game menu for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does can be seen in the videos below.

Free Roam as Venom, Mary Jane & young Peter Parker

God Mode

Unlock New Trophy

How To Unlock New Trophy Via The Debug Menu In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Follow the steps below to unlock Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trophies using the development game menu.

  • Go to the debug menu, and then select reload
  • Set the mission to GP_A3_FINALFIGHT in the New Game Plus settings using the left analog stick
  • Set the objective to GP_A3_FINALFIGHT_CINE_END using the right analog stick
  • Select reload, and then skip all cutscenes until you get the new trophy

Besides the inadvertent availability of the development game menu, update version 1.002 for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings many new features and improvements to the game. One of the expected additions is the New Game+ (NG+) mode, which allows players to go beyond the base game’s level limit with Ultimate Levels that are not tied to difficulty settings. The update also introduces other new features, such as Symbiote Suit Styles, which can be unlocked by progressing through the Ultimate Levels, Golden Gadget Styles, which can upgrade your gadgets, and the option to unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot. Additionally, you can now earn the aforementioned new trophy by finishing the story in New Game + or via the development game menu, as outlined above.

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