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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update 1.002 Drops With New Game Plus and More

Insomniac Games has released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update 1.002 today along with the full patch notes. Check the details below.

The latest update, version 1.001.002, for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, is 3.576 GB in size and brings many new features and improvements to the game. One of the most expected additions is the New Game+ (NG+) mode, which allows players to go beyond the base game’s level limit with Ultimate Levels that are not tied to difficulty settings. This update includes several new items, such as Symbiote Suit Styles that you can unlock by progressing through the Ultimate Levels, Golden Gadget Styles to upgrade your gadgets, and the option to unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot. Moreover, you can now earn a PlayStation Trophy by finishing the story in NG+.

The update also enhances the game experience by adding Mission Replay, Time of Day options post-game, Tendril Colors customization, and improvements in Photo Mode, such as Action Figure Mode and new stickers. Two new suits inspired by the Hellfire Gala and a Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack for Peter and Miles are also available for purchase.

In terms of accessibility, this update makes significant progress by adding Audio Descriptions and Screen Reader features, localized in multiple languages, to narrate key visuals, actions, and menu texts. A range of adjustments aims to improve gameplay for all players, such as Mono Audio options, customizable captions, In-World Text Translations, and High Contrast Outlines for better visibility of enemies and allies. Other notable improvements include adjustments to motion sensor aiming, UI interactions, and combat touchpad sensitivity. The update addresses various bugs and issues, making the game more stable, fixing visual and spawning issues, and updating suit textures for a smoother player experience.

The accessibility settings have been refined across several aspects, such as High Contrast settings, visibility enhancements, Adaptive Trigger minigame skips, and improved DualSense haptics, ensuring a more inclusive and immersive experience for players.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update 1.002 Patch Notes

  • New Game+ Features:
    • Ultimate Levels, Symbiote Suit Styles, Golden Gadget Styles, Suit Tech Fusion.
    • PlayStation Trophy for completing the story in NG+.
  • Additional Features:
    • Mission Replay, Time of Day, Tendril Colors customization.
    • Photo Mode enhancements: Action Figure Mode, new stickers.
    • Hellfire Gala Suits, Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack.
  • New in Accessibility:
    • Audio Descriptions and Screen Reader in multiple languages.
    • Mono Audio, Captions, In-World Text Translations, High Contrast Outlines.
    • Adjustments to Aim Arc Color, Target Arc Color, Motion Sensor Aiming, UI Holds.
    • Touch Pad in Combat customization.
  • Improvements / Fixes:
    • General stability improvements, crash and visual issue fixes.
    • HUD, tutorial progression, Web Wings, trick animation fixes.
    • Suit texture updates, clipping/artifact fixes, deformation improvements.
  • Accessibility Improvements:
    • High Contrast settings, visibility enhancements, Adaptive Trigger minigame skip options.
    • Improvements to Toggles, Swing/Parkour functionality, Look at Waypoint, POI Audio Indicator.
    • DualSense haptics enhancements, selected shortcuts, Screen Reader accessibility from boot menu.

Detailed patch notes can be found on the official website.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now for PS5.

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