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Marvel’s Spider-Man: How To Easily Transfer Save Data From PS4 to PS5

The latest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man has added the ability to transfer the PS4 save data to the remastered PS5 version. Here’s how to do it.

First of all, to get any confusion out of the way, you don’t really need PS Plus subscription to download your Marvel’s Spider-Man save data. We have outlined some of the situations below to clarify any scenarios regarding the save transfer process.

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Even if you have sold your PS4, there are still some tricks to enable you to transfer your save data to the PS5.

How To Transfer Marvel’s Spider-Man Save Data If You Sold Your PS4

In such a case, you can still have your backup of save data either on a USB (if you made a backup of your PS4 on it) or uploaded to PS Plus Cloud Saves, if you had them enabled. Simply insert the USB with the save data and copy it back to the PS5, or download the uploaded save data from the cloud through your PS Plus subscription.

Uploading Save Data From Marvel’s Spider-Man Disc Version

If you still have the disc for your original game on PS4, you can simply insert it into the PS5 and it will start installing the game. We are going to assume that you have bought and installed Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 because otherwise there will be no need to download and upload the save data. You should be able to see a “Game Version” when hovering over Marvel’s Spider-Man on the dashboard and pressing the options button. Pick up the PS4 game that you installed from the disc and run it.

spider-man save data transfer guide

In the main menu, you can press R1 to upload the save data. This doesn’t require any PS Plus subscription. You can pick a save slot that will be uploaded to the game’s servers. Afterward, go back to the dashboard and this time run the PS5 version through the Options menu -> Game Version. Make sure you have updated the game to version 1.001.000 which adds save data transfer. You should get the option to upload save data on your PS5. On the save screen, pick up an empty slot and press R1 to download that the save data that you have uploaded on the server.

Uploading Save Data From Marvel’s Spider-Man Digital Version

This process is the same. You simply pick up the PS4 version that has to be installed on the PS5 by pressing the options button and picking up the Game Version. Just download and install the PS4 version on PS5 and repeat the steps given above.

Uploading Save Data Without Digital or Disc Copy

There is currently no way to download the save data from a PS4 if you have sold your disc copy, or haven’t bought a digital copy of the game.

Save Data Network Error

Some users are facing this issue on Marvel’s Spider-Man where the save data simply won’t upload on the game’s servers leading to a network error as seen below.

In such a case, you can try to restart your PS5 and attempt the process again. You can also try to upload your save data at a different time because the servers can be overloaded right now with a lot of people uploading their save data.

Some other issues that are being reported are the lack of trophy unlock when transferring save data to PS5, or the new game plus being disabled. These appear to be bugs with the save data so we are not sure if there is a fix for it. As for the trophies not unlocking bug is concerned, it might be possible to fix it by unlocking a single new trophy in case you haven’t progressed in the game.

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