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Metroid Dread, Advance Wars, and Other Switch Exclusive Games File Size Revealed

Metroid Dread was recently announced at the Nintendo Direct along with a whole bunch of other Nintendo Switch exclusives. Here are all of their file sizes.

Metroid Dread will be out on October 8, 2021. It has a modest file size as reported on the Nintendo eShop where it is available to pre-order for $59.99. The game will take 6.9 GB of hard disk space on your Nintendo Switch.

Next up is Advance Wars 1+2: Re-boot Camp. This is a remake of the first two games on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. As expected, this is not a demanding game for file size. It will take just 1.4 GB of hard disk space and will be out on December 3, 2021.


Mario Party Superstars is a brand new game set in the Mario Party universe. It will feature more than 100 minigames from the Nintendo 64 and GameCube generation. It comes with five game boards from the Nintendo 64 generation including Peach’s Birthday Cake board. The file size of the game is roughly 3.9 GB and it will be out on October 29, 2021.

Warioware: Get It Together is out on September 10, 2021. It is a collection of minigames featuring Wario and will support co-op as well. The file size of the game is just 1.4 GB, or just in line with the file size of the Advance Wars 1+2 remakes.

Lastly, we have Shin Megami Tensei V. It is the largest game out of the lot with a file size reaching 15.6 GB. This is practically similar to other open-world RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles.

That should cover the file size of all the recently announced Nintendo Switch exclusives. If you are interested in them, make sure you can have some space to install them once they are released.

Salal Awan

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